Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Here we go...

As New Year resolutions go, it’s an ambitious one, we know.


We’re Jude Rogers (left) and Jeanette Leech (right), two friends who’ve known each other for over a decade (and please excuse us talking about ourselves in the third person just this once). Back in the Autumn, Jeanette decided that her resolution for 2013 would be to read a book a week. But there was a twist: a different friend would recommend each book. The aims were twofold. Obviously, she wished to read fifty-two cracking books, but she also hoped to understand a little more of the tastes of those nearest and dearest to her.

Jude heard about Jeanette’s plans, and having begun a similar book-a-week resolution last year that ended in miserable failure last March – officially due to work commitments, but unofficially due to the return of a smartphone into her life, and the opportunities for distraction that it brings – decided to join her. Jude also suggested they write a blog together to spur one another on.

So here it is. From next week on, we’ll both be posting about the books we’ve read, and the people who’ve recommended them to us. We’re approaching the project in different ways: Jeanette’s already got most of her recommendations inked in and a tentative reading order planned (alphabetical by author surname), while Jude’s more of a spontaneous soul (rigid planning fills her with terror). And, yes, we’ve both recommended a book to each other - but we're saving those 'til last!

Wish us luck – and we hope you enjoy it. 


(photo taken New Year's Eve, 2012, Sheffield)